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Describe Your Perfect Theme Cruise
SeaLetter Magazine Cruise Survey Results

We asked you to tell us what your idea was of the Perfect Theme Cruise. Here are the results!

"The no-theme cruise"

Having arrived unawares on a "Bingo" cruise, we were very disappointed in our vacation. We are veteran cruisers with over ten trips taken. The "bingo people" ( we ended up calling them something else ) took over the main lounge and other public areas. Almost all of the normal activities were canceled or seriously curtailed because the staff and public rooms were occupied by these "special" travelers. They also had "special" permission to smoke in the smoke-free dining room. Some were right next to us and smoked during each course. We were backed into a corner and unable to get any air. We had a smoker in our own party who, between courses, thoughtfully stepped outside for his fix. When we discreetly approached the waiter, it was obvious that he would not talk to the maitre d' for us and really didn't want us to mention it either.

With the huge number of people on board ship, non-participants should not become second-class passengers. Unless, of course, we know in advance and get a huge price reduction for all that we missed!

Anything having to do with Broadway musicals - Broadway show entertainment and stars, also maybe classes in Broadway jazz and tap dancing and singing, with Broadway trivia contests, and one night dressing up as your favourite Broadway show character. Broadway musical karaoke and talent contests. Even a Broadway menu - for example: From the musical Gypsy - the song" Have an eggroll, Mr. Goldstone."

My perfect cruise----Ice cream!!! Real ice cream, not the soft-serve stuff. It could be incorporated into breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and the mid-night buffet. Sundaes, shakes, sodas---a real ice cream smorgasbord. What could be better!!!

Like the themed restaurant names on many of RCI's ships, I'd like to see a Musical Theatre Theme cruise. Perhaps a Sondheim night, a Rogers & Hammerstein night, and Andrew Webber or Boublil/Schonberg night. The daily festivities could play into each theme evening, with quiz games and music from the shows.

I've heard of special cruises with opera stars, musicians, etc, and was interested in NCL's full "theatrical" shows - Are they still doing them?

Old time Radio theme cruise with "The Great Gildersleeve" actors & a radio show produced on board with passengers auditioning for roles.

I would love to go on a Lord Valentine's cruise with Robert Silverberg or a Mists of Avalon Cruise with Marion Zimmer Bradley. It would be wonderfoul to discuss these two fantasy worlds with their authors.

This one was so easy that I can sum it all up in three words ...


Need anything else be said????

A wine tasting cruise. Every day you could do a different country or region and that night at dinner feature the wines that you tasted during the day.

MY perfect cruise would be a "spa" cruise. In this delightful fantasy I would be buffed and puffed and massaged to my hearts content every day of the cruise with the entire cost included into my cruise fare.

Of course my husband's favorite cruise would be to sail from port to port with excellent golf courses and to play 18 holes of golf per day--cost included in the price of HIS cruise!

Hey! While I get buffed and puffed he could be swinging and teeing off! Just wishing. . . . . . .

Music, Chocolate, Ice Cream & Wine. Sounds good to us!

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