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Cunard/Seabourn Cruise Survey Results

We asked your opinion on whether Carnival's new luxury cruise brand merging Cunard Line and Seabourn Cruise Line should be named Cunard, Seabourn or something else.

This was pretty much a runaway for Cunard with 55% of you voting for the Cunard name, 24% for Seabourn and 21% either not sure yet or voting for something else.

Some of your comments appear below. We regret that we cannot publish all of them, and for the protection of our readers, names are omitted.

World Wide the name Cunard holds more cache´ than Seabourn which only a handfull of non US citizens would recoginse. I would - if I were Carnival keep the Cunard branding. On the face of it the two names do not combine well 'Cunardbourn', 'SeaCunard', 'CunardSea'!!

I think Carnival should do the same as they did with Holland-America ... leave it alone. The name Cunard has immense good will and cachet behind it (although, I might be tempted to cash in on the current Titanic mania & revert to the name Cunard-White Star.

When I was a youth, I enjoyed the annual visit of the circus to my hometown. I marvelled at the spectacle of the featured performers, namely the trapeze artists and lion tamers. And, oh yes, the silly clowns were mildly amusing as well. It never occurred to me that the clowns would take over the circus. The operators of the mighty sea-going beer and hot dog banquet halls have consumed the last of the great lines, including one vessel that bears the name of the reigning British monarch. I am scheduled to conduct a tour of this legendary vessel in May and I'm now wondering why. I vote for a complete discontinuance of the use of the Cunard name and I hope that the Queen Elizabeth II will be renamed out of respect for the Queen of England but, I have no confidence that this will happen.

Cunard has been around for 150 years. Seabourn has very limited name recognition. The Seabourn ships should be renamed as Cunard vessels. This one is almost a no brainer.

Two very distinctive cruiselines need to reserve their brand loyalty as much as possible. Perhaps "The non-Big Ear Cruise Line"? Seriously though, no need to pick on Micky. So how about "SeaWorthy"? No, just kidding again. But the word Sea has to stay. So how about SeaNard, SeaQueen, RoughSeas... My legit name I offer is "Royal Seas", in staying with the English theme and all.

How about "CuBourn" or "SeaNard":)

There will be no name change. Carnival has been very good at giving companies their own identity. I think that Carnival bought CUNARD because of its good name and the association with the QE2. Cunard will live to see another 100 years. Especially with the 2 proposed new buildings having traditional Cunard names as BRITANNIA and QUEEN MARY. That is just one opinion of a young ship historian.

Seeing as Cunard is the older more popular brand, with an historical background, I feel it would be much easier for Carnival to build on what the line already has to offer, rather then trying to create new strengths.

After over 100 years, I doubt the Cunard name will disappear. Carnival will capitalize on it!

To me, "Cunard" has always represented a stuffy, old, "class-oriented" cruise line! "Cunard" has always brought to my mind images of what I originally thought cruising was like ... old people sitting around in deck chairs reading a book. "Seabourn" represented a new, elegant, modern, upscale line which I envisioned catering to a much younger, more active crowd. "Cunard", in its time, was a very sophisticated line, bordering on snobbish, catering to "old money". "Seabourn" is also sophisticated but in a younger vein, catering to "new money". (Neither of which I have!) I'll stick with Royal Caribbean & Princess!

I'd like to simply call it SeabournCunard Line... or, even better yet, keep them separate. Although they are both great luxury cruise lines, they offer two different vacations. Besides, both Cunard and Seabourn alone have worked hard to become great lines... you take either name away and you'll be looking at confusion... I say keep them as separate brands. But, I am a Carnival Corp. admirer, so, I'll leave it up to them!

Platinum Cruise Lines

The Cunard ships, out of respect for the legendary name and grand history of the line, should be maintained as a separate brand/label. They are already so highly regarded in their own individual classes. Let them continue to have their different personalities, regardless of what is happening behind the scenes. Carnival has already kept some brands separate so well they should continue in this case.

Good name for new ship: Sea Weasel

Seabourn is a known luxury line - Cunard has run down some recently and doesn't have the prestige name value it once did.

The Cunard name has a long history and should be preserved, Seabourn is just a new kid on the block.

CUNARD has very broad name brand appeal and name recongnition. Seabourn has very little of either. It would be foolish to squander this asset by changing the Cunard name.

Imperial Cruise Line or Dynasty Cruise Line

If the two lines are merged then Cunard should be the name. If both lines are kept as different brands then the two Sea Goddess ships should transfer to Seabourn and new ships built for Cunard. The Vistafjord should be sold, the Royal Viking Sun renamed with a more traditional Cunard name (Mauretania?). Any new ships should receive other traditional Cunard names the way Holland America does.

Sea Weasel a good name for a new ship? Carnival Cruise Lines as "operators of the mighty sea-going beer and hot dog banquet halls?" Boy, you folks are too tough for me!

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