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SeaLetter Quiz

Alan Regis Walker

It's been some time since we tested the trivia knowledge of our Sealetter regulars, so put on your cruise trivia hat, and see what you can do with these questions. As usual, we have great prizes for those with correct answers including original autographs of specified cruise columnists (plus shipping and handling), the collected puns of Sealetter managing editor Bob Jackson (presently out of print), and other useless awards. A successful entry could also see you end up in the cavernous Sealetter Hall of Fame. All questions are multiple choice, with only one correct answer.

1. Which one is the embarkation port for cruises that are advertised as "leaving from Los Angeles?"

(a) San Pedro
(b) Long Beach
(c) San Jose
(d) Great Dismal Swamp
(e) San Wrap

2. The name "Cozumel" comes from a Mayan expression for:

(a) Land of the Swallows
(b) Land of the Swallowed Too Much
(c) Land of the Giant Tortoises
(d) Land of the Persistent Vendor

3. The Titanic was built in:

(a) Liverpool, England
(b) Dublin, Ireland
(c) Southampton, England
(d) Belfast, Northern Ireland
(e) Newport News, Virginia, USA

4. Which of these is not an island in Hawaii?

(a) Hawaii
(b) Maui
(c) Kahoolawe
(d) Lahaina
(e) Molokai

5. Which of the following is a resort area of France (often visited by cruise ships):

(a) the Cote d'Azur
(b) Costa Blanca
(c) Costa del Sol
(d) Tuscany
(e) Amalfi Coast

6. If you were on Christmas Island, you could look at:

(a) the south Pacific Ocean
(b) the Indian Ocean
(c) Mongolia
(d) either (a) or (b)
(e) The Sea of Japan

7. Which of these places is the furthest south:

(a) Nassau, Bahamas
(b) Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands
(c) Port of Spain, Trinidad
(d) Oranjestad, Aruba
(e) St. George's, Grenada

8. If you were cruising near the 5th largest continent, you would be cruising near:

(a) Antarctica
(b) Australia
(c) South America
(d) Madagascar
(e) Mama Cass

9. Which of these cruise ports is not a Greek island:

(a) Rodhos (Rhodes)
(b) Mykonos
(c) Lesbos
(d) Volos
(e) Santorini

10. San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is:

(a) on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica
(b) on the Atlantic (Gulf of Mexico) coast of Costa Rica
(c) south of Panama
(d) none of the above

11. Bermuda is approximately the same latitude as:

(a) Atlanta
(b) New York
(c) Miami
(d) San Juan
(e) Peoria

12. Of the following Mexican towns, which one is not a cruise port?

(a) Cabo San Lucas
(b) Zihuatanejo (for no extra points, please pronounce this name)
(c) Guadalajara
(d) Mazatlan
(e) Acapulco

13. Some major ports are located upriver from the ocean. Which of these cruise ports is approximately 1,000 miles upriver from the ocean?

(a) Portland, Oregon
(b) Portland, Maine
(c) Manaus, Brazil
(d) Montreal, Canada
(e) Venice, Italy

14. Which of these is not true:

(a) If Sydney, Australia were located in the US, it would be about the second largest city in the US (by population)
(b) The original native inhabitants of Australia are the Maoris
(c) The Great Barrier Reef is alongside the state of Queensland
(d) Ayers Rock is a monolith

15. If you were cruising through the Panama Canal from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, the direction that your ship would generally sail would be:

(a) north-west
(b) south-west
(c) north-east
(d) south-east

16. British Columbia's capital is:

(a) Vancouver on Victoria Island
(b) Victoria on Vancouver Island
(c) Vancouver on Vancouver Island
(d)Victoria on Victoria Island
(e) none of the above

17. Which is not true:

(a) Israel is in Asia
(b) Indonesia has about three times the coastline of the US
(c) Bali is the main town in Bora Bora
(d) Bombay is now called "Mumbai"

18. A "Carioca" is a nickname for a resident of:

(a) Rio de Janeiro
(b) Caracas
(c) Peoria
(d) A karaoke lounge

19. "Al-Qahirah" is the local name for:

(a) Alcatraz
(b) Al Gore
(c) Cairo
(d) Alexandria

20. The nearest point of the Republic of France to North America is approximately how far:

(a) 10 miles
(b) 2,898 miles
(c) 702 miles
(d) 3,571 miles
(e) about that far

Answers can be found by CLICKING HERE. NO PEEKING!


Alan WalkerOriginally from Australia, Alan has for some time been permanently settled in Vancouver where he is a practicing Attorney. He has been a SeaLetter columnist, reviewer and our resident humorist for some time now.

To find all of Alan's SeaLetter columns, featured and humorous articles, and cruise and port reviews, visit our SeaLetter COLUMNISTS Index.

Alan loves email, and can be reached at: Alan@sealetter.com.

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