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SeaLetter Quiz

Alan Walker

With Alaska cruises becoming more and more popular, we thought it might be fun to test your knowledge of the great north state. Originally published in 1998, all are "multiple choice" questions, and sometimes more than one choice will be correct. So, pop on your thinking cap, and here we go:

1. The Red Onion Saloon in Skagway is famous for:

(a) its original 19 foot mahogany bar
(b) the smell of red onions
(c) its year-round topless sun-bathing area on the roof

2. Dolly Varden is:

(a) a freshwater char having yellow spots on its sides
(b) a country & western singer having large credentials
(c) a Carnival Cruise Lines Barbie doll

3A. How much did Russia receive from the U.S. for the sale of Alaska in 1867?

(a) $7.2 billion
(b) $7.2 million
(c) $7.20

3B. Did Russia charge sales tax?

(a) No
(b) Yes

3C. Are the Russians sorry that they sold Alaska?

(a) No
(b) Yes
(c) Very

4. What city in Alaska is named after the U.S. Secretary of State who negotiated the purchase of Alaska from the Russians?

(a) Kissinger
(b) Seward
(c) Valdez

5. The name "Alaska" comes from the Aleut word "alyeska" which means:

(a) great land
(b) a Russian alleyway
(c) giant fish
(d) baked beans

6. What year saw the start of the goldrush to the Klondike?

(a) 1897
(b) 1797
(c) 2097

7. Where is the Klondike?

(a) British Columbia, Canada
(b) Yukon Territory, Canada
(c) Alaska, Canada

8. Ketchikan has an average rainfall of:

(a) 62 inches
(b) 162 inches
(c) 13.5 feet
(d) 4050 millimeters

9. Creek Street in Ketchikan was known as a district where "both men and salmon came upstream to spawn". That area was:

(a) a creek
(b) a red light district
(c) a hatchery

10. What is the present name of New Archangel, the capital of Alaska in 1808 when Russia owned Alaska?

(a) Sitka
(b) Juneau
(c) Roulette

11. Where did the Russians first establish a settlement in Alaska?

(a) Sitka
(b) Sea of Tranquility
(c) Scottsdale

12. What city is the only U.S. state capital not accessible by road?

(a) Tallahassee
(b) Juneau
(c) Anchorage

13. What Alaska city has the largest area (an incredible 4710 square miles) of any city in the U.S.?

(a) Fairbanks
(b) Nome
(c) Sitka

14. When Alaska became a state, it was the:

(a) 49th
(b) 50th
(c) 51st

15. "Iditarod" is:

(a) a motor vehicle question
(b) a famous sled-dog race
(c) wool from the Alaskan musk ox
(d) 1000 miles
(e) Anchorage to Nome
(f) held in March

16. Sydney, Australia, and Anchorage, Alaska, share what common piece of history relating to the English explorer, Captain Cook?

(a) he was the first European to discover the future site of both places
(b) he was killed there
(c) he rented videos there

17. The highest mountain in the U.S., Mt. McKinley at 20,320 feet, can be seen on a clear day from what city which is 150 miles away:

(a) Sitka
(b) Anchorage
(c) Germantown

18. The 1964 Alaska earthquake caused parts of Seward to drop:

(a) 6 feet
(b) 20 feet
(c) 600 feet
(d) their pants

19. What is dog mushing?

(a) sled-dog racing
(b) Fido on the blender
(c) canine necking

20. What is sourdough?

(a) not a bread
(b) anyone who has managed to weather an Alaskan winter
(c) an old-time Alaskan resident who is 'sour on the country, but without enough dough to get out'

21. Cheechako is:

(a) a newcomer to Alaska
(b) an Alaskan line dance
(c) Chong's partner

22. When does Haines have its 4th of July celebrations?

(a) all day
(b) yearly
(c) July 5

23. Sitka is famous for its Russian heritage, especially these architecture devices:

(a) onion-shaped domes
(b) rutabaga-shaped domes
(c) Brussel Sprouts-shaped domes

How do you think you did with the 25 required answers? Here are the ratings as published by the SeaLetter Alaska Quiz Review Board:

16 - 25 Genius, or else you live or have lived in Alaska.

6 - 15 Excellent - you are now entitled to book an Alaska cruise.

0 - 5 You are as dumb as an Alaskan musk ox. Please take the quiz again, and see if you can do better.

Answers can be found by CLICKING HERE. NO PEEKING!


Alan WalkerOriginally from Australia, Alan has for some time been permanently settled in Vancouver where he is a practicing Attorney. He has been a SeaLetter columnist, reviewer and our resident humorist for some time now.

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