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These tips come to us from Fred Lanyard. Thanks, Fred!

cruise guide bookI would like to suggest that anyone going on a cruise on any line do one simple thing to ease any anxieties you might have and that is to purchase a cruise guide like Fodor's "Cruises and Ports of Call". It's a good place to start if you need some ideas about which line or itinerary to choose and nicely complements a professional cruise agency. Not only can you get a feel for your ship and its activities, but you can do a little advance planning of your shore excursions.

My wife and I took our first cruise last summer on the Seaward and we were a bit confused as to what each day would be like. Taking each port in turn, and reading about each island in advance, I was able to plan the most important things on each island without ever being there. There is always flexibility should you hear of something you didn't plan on or meet a couple to share a taxi with. I got a really good feel for the islands and was pretty happy with the choices we made. You can learn in advance where and when to shop, do an island tour, or just relax and enjoy the beach. Wherever your initial plans match up with the suggested ship's excursion, its a good bet you won't be disappointed. And knowing in advance a little about the islands culture and history adds to your enjoyment. I can't think of anything easier than doing a little reading in advance and it adds to the excitement of waiting for that magical moment when your ship leaves her berth and heads out to sea. It makes good reading when and if you find a minute or two on board ship also.

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