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Luggage & Night Lights

These tips come to us from Glen Hubert of Arlington, Illinois. Thanks, Glen!

On our first cruise, when we got off of the plane, we were not met by a cruise line representative. As a result, we were in a strange city without a clue. We had tagged all of our luggage with the cruise line tags as instructed by our travel agent. We didn't know that the bags would be sent directly to the ship! We had expected to change clothes to go out to dinner with my wife's family to celebrate our anniversary. It took us about 3 hours with the help of a very friendly luggage claims clerk to find that out. Check with your travel agent and cruise line about the luggage arrangements for your cruise!

Cruise IdeaNight Lights:

Another tip for all is to always carry a small night light to plug in at night for those important trips to the washroom. It will light your way in unfamiliar places, especially in those dark inside cabins where it is difficult even to find the light switch!


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