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Luggage & Travel Irons

These tips come from Joyce Marie Smith.
Thanks Joyce!

Luggage: On our last two cruises, our cabin number was not provided with our cruise ticket information because we were listed as having a guaranteed upgrade. In the place where the cabin number is indicated, a code number was used. So, when it came time to fill out the luggage tags, I simply put our cabin number as that code number. Don't do this! This is a big mistake. The gents on the ship who deliver the luggage mis-read this number and delivered our bags to a different cabin. It took quite a while for it to find its way to us after taking many detours. What you should do is this: a day or two before you sail, call your travel agent or cruise line and find out what your cabin assignment is and make sure that cabin number is on your luggage tags (written as big and clear as you can). I put a couple of tags on each bag, as they sometimes get ripped off along the way. This may sound like a lot of fuss and bother, but if you want to freshen up and get unpacked before all the excitement begins, you need to have your luggage without delay.

Travel Irons: During our most recent cruise, I came to realize that the use of irons is forbidden. I use a steamer, so I guess I never paid much attention to the "No Irons" rule. Or, perhaps recent fires or other damage on cruise ships has been caused by irons and this is a new rule. At any rate, I thought our readers should be made aware.

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