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Ann Lynes
Cruise Excuses


Ann Lynes

Be aware that if you think cruising is expensive, exclusive or have other excuses not to get on a boat, my goal is to change your mind. Here are the top five excuses why people dismiss cruising as an idea for their vacations.


Because ships are like cities, there are a lot of diverse activities you can become involved in. Athletic facilities give you the opportunity to maintain your work-out schedule while at sea. Not to mention, the pools and jogging tracks. You can take aerobics, dance, or yoga classes. If you prefer, you can play ping-pong, backgammon, or take in a movie at the cinema. Also, the ship stops at ports for you to shop and soak in the culture.


For more money, you can get a larger suite that will allow you more elbow room and more room to throw your belongings. If you are an active person, you will probably only sleep in your room. As mentioned before, there are so many activities going on aboard ship, leaving you little time to spend in your room.



Although there are breakfast and midnight buffets, lunch and dinner, the average person does not eat more on a cruise than they do on land. People usually skip lunch and eat a large dinner. Watch out for those who say they are too full at the dinner table to attend the midnight spread because more often than not, they show up at the buffet.


Consult your family doctor for advice. Common aids are the Trans-Derm Patches, Sea-Bands, and over the counter seasickness pills, such as Bonine. The ship's stabilizers are designed to eliminate or reduce the ship's tendency to roll. You should also take comfort in knowing there is a doctor aboard and open areas for walking. While feeling seasick, don't drink and try eating an apple.


The average cost of a seven day cruise is $175-225 a day. In the all-inclusive cruise package, your room, entertainment, meals (unlimited food), and air transportation is included, along with many extras. The benefit of the all-inclusive package to you is that if you were to pay for all those items separately on a land trip, you would be paying a lot more.

And for all of you who think you are too young to cruise, thirty-seven percent of cruisers are between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four, twenty-five percent are between thirty-five and fifty, and the rest (only 38%) are fifty plus. Eight-five percent of first-time cruisers go on cruises again.

As a travel agent, freelance and mystery writer, Ann was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. Her work has been published in the
Writer's Gallery and Cosmic Landscapes. Ann is also a graduate of the American Express Travel School.

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