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Cruise Ship Review
Royal Caribbean International

Majesty of the Seas

by Jacob Hallahan

Majesty of the Seas


Miami International airport is about 20 minutes from the pier. We did not decide to get the air/sea program because we found air transportation for a lot less than Royal Caribbean was charging. We were flying from O'hare International in Chicago, about a 2 1/2 half hour flight.

The Ship

The Majesty of the Seas is a beautiful ship. If you are hesitant to go on Majesty because she is seven years old, well then I will tell you one thing . . . it seems as if she were about two years old. It didn't seem like there were 2,500 people on board, but on the last day at sea the pool deck was crowded -- on the other days I could always find a chair near the pool. One thing that I didn't like was that the pools were salt water. We didn't like that feature and thought that they could afford fresh water -- like Princess Cruises!


The Centrum is very beautiful with brass handrails and glass elevators. The only place that I noticed that the ship was aging was in the outdoor section of the Windjammer Café. The wraparound promenade deck was a very nice thing to have, since the Vision-class ships don't have a wraparound deck, except on one of the top decks. **NOTE**: this is my first cruise, so what sounds good to me may not be good to you. MAJESTY IS A HUGE SHIP! Be aware of that, because if you like the size of HAL's ships and only that, then don't go on this one. And sometimes it was hard to get an elevator forward, so go to the aft ones.

Cabin/Cabin Service

The cabins are too small, but they are functional. The bathrooms are also the same way. Don't drop your soap in the shower!! Our cabin stewards were awesome -- our kids who had Peter in room 4519 loved him, and they always liked when he made animals out of towels. The stewards were always in and out and they did a great job of keeping our cabins clean. In my opinion, the best value for rooms are on deck 9 and they are cat "D": our friends had one of those and they were so much nicer and larger. They are called "larger outside staterooms."

Cruise Staff

The cruise director--Jeffrey--was great. He reminded me of Tim Allen. A very funny and entertaining guy. All of the staff personnel were nice and seemed like they cared that we were on the ship for a week. The captain tries to be funny but doesn't succeed too well; the only funny things were the impersonators who pretended to be him with his Norwegian accent.

Sunset aboard Majesty of the Seas
Sunset Aboard Majesty of the Seas
Photo by Jacob Hallahan


I would highly recommend this cruise to anyone. It was a great experience and I love to cruise now. I plan to go on the Grand Princess on April 23, 2000.

Mrs. Jacob Hallahan lives with her family in a suburb of Chicago. This was her first cruise and she can be reached for questions or comment at: TAZ60451@aol.com.

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