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New Ship
Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Destiny

October 1, 1996 Update

Yes, I KNOW Captain Gallo's photograph was in last month's update, but he's so gorgeous, I couldn't resist leaving him "here" for this month's update!

MONFALCONE, Italy -- Standing high on the communication's mast, veteran Carnival Cruise Lines officer Giovanni Gallo is serving as Carnival Destiny's first captain. All photographs in this update are actual photos of the Carnival Destiny "under construction" in Monfalcone, Italy.


MIAMI -- For its new MS Carnival Destiny, the world's first 100,000-ton cruise ship set to debut in November, Carnival Cruise Lines commissioned an entire art gallery's worth of original works created by a group of highly talented artists from around the world.

Included in this multi-million-dollar collection are Fran Wohlfelder's vibrant, semi-abstract paintings which convey nature's majestic and pristine beauty. Twenty-four of the large, colorful works are positioned in the Carnival Destiny's passenger stair landings and elevator lobbies while 14 others have been reproduced to adorn the ship's more than 1,300 staterooms. Patterned after such 20th century artists as Matisse, O'Keeffe and Diebenkorn, Wohlfelder uses long, flowing lines to create landscapes of brilliant blue- and green-hued mountains and azure waters and skies, all accented with red and gold highlights.

Also showcased are the works of California artist Helen Webber, who has contributed art to seven Carnival ships dating back to 1978. Adorning Lobby Deck 3, the first level of the ship's towering nine-deck atrium, the Rotunda, are a pair of four-and-a-half-foot-high by 22-foot-long stone murals, each of which features the artist's trademark brand of vibrant, free-flowing artistry. In "Eden's Edge," Webber places Adam and Eve amid colorful animals, birds and flowers, which "Sea Edge" is evocative of seafaring tales of yore, featuring a couple relaxing in a pastel-hued seascape of fish, birds and seashells.

MONFALCONE, Italy Workers smooth out metalwork in the Carnival Destiny's two-level disco.

This playful nautical theme is also carried out in Webber's painted glass murals created for several of the Rotunda's bulkheads. Measuring an impressive six feet high by nine feet wide, the huge mirrored panels utilize a combination of long, graceful shapes and bright colors to whimsically portray images that range from a guitar- and saxophone-playing duo performing on the crest of a wave to an imaginary undersea world filled with cherubs, a mermaid and dolphins, all flanked by a couple in billowing white robes.

The 20 original paintings that adorn the ship's penthouse suites mark the first shipboard commission of Gian Maria Ciferri, whose subtle, richly textured works have graced galleries the world over. Although well-known for his expressive paintings of women, Ciferri has decided for this commission to surround his trademark female figures with images drawn from the scenic regions of his native Italy. In one painting, for example, Venice's awe-inspiring St. Mark's Square serves as a dramatic backdrop for one subject, while in another, a trio of colorfully clad women are enhanced by a centuries-old castle in Brescia, the artist's adopted hometown.

MONFALCONE, Italy The Sun and Sea Restaurant on Carnival Destiny's Lido Deck will serve breakfast and lunch to Carnival guests.

Rounding out this impressive collection are Luciano Vistosi's stunning glass murals found along Destiny's Way, the ship's 525-foot-long enclosed double-width promenade. To create the six oval-shaped panels, which measure nearly three feet high by six feet long, the artist methodically shaped and formed the colored glass into striking geometric patterns. The end result is a series of beautiful "hanging sculptures" that radiate in vibrant, multi-colored hues.

MONFALCONE, Italy A shipyard worker puts finishing touches on a Carnival Destiny ocean view cabin with balcony.

Photos by Andy Newman of Carnival Cruise Lines.

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