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Carnival Cruise Barbie Doll To Set Sail Aboard 'Fun Ships'

Carnival BarbieCarnival Cruise Lines has announced that it expects to begin distribution of the new Carnival Cruise Barbie doll in early November 1997. The doll, created in conjunction with Mattel, Inc. will be available exclusively aboard Carnival's 11 "Fun Ships" or through a toll-free number.

"The Barbie doll has been a part of American popular culture for generations and we are delighted to work with Mattel in creating this 'Fun Ship'-themed doll for our guests," said Vicki Freed, Carnival's senior vice president of sales and marketing. "This doll will not only serve as a keepsake item for Barbie enthusiasts, but will make a memorable gift for Carnival guests," she added.

The Carnival Cruise Barbie doll comes all dressed up and ready for a "Fun Ship" cruise, complete with sunglasses and a sporty, nautical-themed ensemble consisting of white shorts, a red and white striped crop top and a smart, short red, white and navy blue jacket with gold trim. The highly detailed doll also clutches a Carnival logo carry-on bag while a stylish, Carnival logo-emblazoned sailor's hat sits atop her head.

"The Barbie doll is known for her fashionable wardrobe and we wanted to design a unique, eye-catching ensemble that conveys the fun and excitement of Fun Ship' cruising," Freed said.

The Barbie doll was first introduced by Mattel back in 1959 and over the years, close to 1 billion dolls have been sold, making her one of the most popular toys ever created.

Carnival Cruise Barbie will be sold in Carnival's on-board gift shops for $45. The doll can also be purchased by calling 1-888-895-1202, ext. 34. The cost is $50 (a $5 shipping and handling charge will be added to the cost for dolls ordered by phone).

Photograph by Andy Newman, Carnival Cruise Lines.

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