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Cruise Ship Review
Royal Caribbean International

Voyager of the Seas

by Tom & Mary Milano

Voyager of the Seas

Please read this review with an open mind. We are writing it from our perspective which might be quite different from yours. The very reasons that we choose to book a certain cruise line and a specific ship, might be just the reasons that you would not choose them for your cruise. We will mention a few things we look for and like to do when we cruise - that will give you some idea of where we are coming from.

We like the newer, larger ships because there is more to see and more to do. Most of the newer ships offer the latest in design and technology and creature comforts. The overall decor and appointments of the ship go a long way in creating the atmosphere that we enjoy while cruising. We enjoy being pampered and catered to, therefore the attitude and the desire of the crew to please us is very important. We enjoy going to an intimate lounge with good dance music for cocktails and dancing before dinner. In the dining room, we look for good quality food and pastries and efficient, friendly service. After dinner, we like to once again go to an intimate lounge with dance music for after dinner drinks and dancing as we wait for show time. After the show, we go to a lounge where we can again dance before retiring for the evening. As you can tell, we enjoy dancing. We also like to dress up and on board a cruise ship is one of a very few places where you can dress up and not worry that you might be seated next to some one in dungarees. We are not very interested in games or quizzes of any type. The ports and the excursions are not important to us. If we go ashore, we usually go to a good hotel and pay them a small fee to use their facilities. If we have a Western Itinerary, we go to the Grand Hotel in Ocho Rios, and to Pancho's Backyard for lunch while in Cozumel. Pancho's is a delightful place with a Marimba band playing on the patio.

We have read a number of reviews of the Voyager. In our opinion, whatever has been said about this magnificent ship is not enough because it is near impossible to fully describe its awesome beauty. This was our 14th cruise and in our estimation this is the most beautiful and well appointed ship we have ever cruised on. It is breathtaking in its design. It has to be seen to truly appreciate the exquisite detailing and workmanship that is evident throughout the vessel.


We arrived at the pier at 11:30AM and went directly to the counter, (there was no one in front of us) and checked in. We waited 10 minutes and boarded the ship at 12:00 o'clock. It was the smoothest embarkation we have experienced. We were directed to our cabin, Atrium #6593.


Atrium CabinThe Atrium cabins are one of the newer innovations by RCI to increase the desirability of inside cabins. They are inside cabins with the opposite wall from the door being a bay window with a love seat overlooking the main promenade that connects two atriums. The room was tastefully done. There were two love seats. One by the bay window and one to the right of the bed, with a small cocktail table between them. For some reason we can't figure out, when the two beds were put together, it became a king size bed. The lower corners of the bed were round in shape to give much needed room to pass by. This made the cabin appear smaller than it actually was. The closet space was decent but the drawer space was very limited. The bathroom was small but adequate. Overall the cabin was comfortable and surprisingly quiet.

Our cabin attendant was very efficient and very pleasant. He often surprised us with towel sculptures which were surprisingly realistic.


The promenade is absolutely beautiful. Joining two atriums, it is approximately the length of two football fields, about 40 feet in width, and five decks high - a stunning design innovation which I'm sure we will see more of on the newer ships. The promenade can best be described as a main boulevard in a very upbeat section of town. The boulevard is lined with gift shops, the Pig N Whistle tavern (where you can sit outside on the sidewalk and sip a stout as you watch the people pass by), the Score Bar (a place where you could get a drink and all the latest scores of sporting events around the world), a small casino with a giant roulette wheel, an ice cream stand open 24 hours, and the Cafe Promenade, an all night restaurant that served pizza, ready made sandwiches and the best cakes, pies and pastry we have had aboard any ship. Above the various gift shops and stores were four stories of atrium cabin windows overlooking the promenade.

Royal Promenade

This promenade was joined on each end by two truly magnificent Atriums that had floating stairways that encompassed six decks. Each Atrium had four glass enclosed elevators that were very quiet and offered great views of the Promenade when they were in motion. And RCI, as is their custom, changed the elevator carpet every day to show what day of the week it was. The various views that one glimpsed as they ascended the stairways and the elevators were breathtaking. Many times during our cruise we would find ourselves standing in one of the stairwells remarking what an exceptional job the designers had done. There wasn't a detail overlooked.


The promenade was the focal point of the ship. The first night brought a welcome aboard parade along the Promenade that was complete with dancers, singers, stilt walkers, jugglers and the Krooz comics. Both sides of the boulevard were lined with people as the parade came passing by. The captains party was also held on the promenade. Everything was done in very good taste and was truly a party. Champagne and hors d'oeuvres were being served everywhere on the boulevard. The full show orchestra played on one side as the people walked by in their formal attire with a champagne glass in hand. It was truly a sight to behold. Halfway down the promenade was an overhead walkway. The night of the captains party, Ken Rush, the cruise director, introduced the captain and the officers and as each one was introduced they ascended the stairs and took a position on the crosswalk and then made their remarks. It was a great setting and a very exciting prelude to a wonderful evening. Without a doubt, it was the best captains party we ever attended.

Throughout the week, there were a number of parades on the promenade. One was a Mardi Gras parade with the participants (Girls from the shows and members of the entertainment staff and crew) in full Mardi Gras costume, stilt walkers, etc. We watched this parade from our bay window in our atrium cabin. A group called the Krooz comics would stroll the promenade engaging the passengers in all kinds of shenanigans. They were graduates of the Barnum & Bailey clown college and they did a great job. Sometimes it was a little difficult to get through the promenade because of the mass of people and activities, but we didn't mind because it was such a gay and festive atmosphere.


Dining RoomThe dining rooms has three levels with the centerpiece being a huge crystal chandelier that is reputed to have cost a half million dollars. We don't doubt it, as it is very impressive. The entire atmosphere is one of eloquence.

When we sailed aboard RCI's Enchantment of the Seas last year, the food was very good and the service excellent, but we can't say that about the Voyager. The menu, the food and the service were less than mediocre; in fact, it was the poorest of any of our cruises. The Chef had a tendency to use rice with most every dish and the dishes were very inconsistent. Although the food wasn't what it should be, the pastries were the best we have ever had. The last two nights the menu was so poor it was difficult to make a selection. Tom finally ordered a New York Strip Steak. It was not very good. Our waiter, who knew we were formerly in the restaurant business, tried to help us by telling us what not to order, but it didn't help. We told him we were disappointed in the quality of the food and he agreed and said that he gets a number of complaints. He also said that the crew haven't come together as a family yet and the service isn't what it should be. We can't understand why RCI didn't take the top executive chef of their fleet and put him in the kitchen of this magnificent vessel. This is especially true since they own the Celebrity line which has the best cuisine of any of the cruise lines.


The Cafe Promenade, a 24 hr restaurant located on the Promenade, serves pizza, ready made sandwiches and pastry. The food is excellent, the service very good, and it has a great atmosphere in a very convenient location. Make sure you look at the beautiful workmanship in the treatment of the walls and especially the ceilings. Superb design and workmanship.


This is the proverbial breakfast and lunch buffet area located in the aft section of the ship. It is a well appointed and very beautiful room offering great views of the ocean. The food is good and tastefully presented.


We heard "how great it was and we better be sure and get there early because we wouldn't be able to get a table." We made sure we were there fifteen minutes before twelve, there wasn't anyone in line; we were seated at twelve o'clock and ordered two hamburgers and two shakes; we finished our hamburgers, which weren't that great, and paid our check. It was now 5 minutes to 1 o'clock; Fifty five minutes and not another person was in the restaurant. So much for this new franchising idea.


Maybe we expected too much. We thought the Voyager, with all the attention being paid to it as being the largest and most luxurious ship afloat, was sure to have the very best of entertainment. This wasn't the case. We were not overly impressed with either the shows or the single act performers. Many people raved about the production numbers. It is very probable that the reason we didn't particularly enjoy it was the fact it wasn't the type of entertainment we enjoy.


Ice RinkIn recent years we are seeing more and more ice reviews on our TV's. When We heard there was an ice show aboard the Voyager, Tom said to himself, "no way." We decided to go to the show because of a review we read in the Wheelhouse Cruise Reviews on the Internet. The writer, Ernest Roller, who has already sailed on forty cruises wrote that the ice show aboard the Voyager was the best show he had ever seen at sea. We agree with Ed Roller - this is by far the best show we have seen during our 14 cruises!

From the very opening moments, it had a mystical exciting quality that made you sit on the edge of your seat and just marvel at what these talented performers could do in such a limited space. The big band accompaniment was absolutely sensational. One of the best places to sit is in the center section. It gives you the best view. Don't miss it!


Cleopatra's is a very beautiful and elegant show lounge. It is decorated in Egyptian motif, very authentic and very attractive. In here, the various dance bands played - unfortunately, they played very little of the type of music we enjoy, like the 40's and 50's music. It was only on the last two nights of our cruise that we were able to dance to our kind of music. We wonder if the younger people realize how wonderful and romantic it is to hold the one you love close to you when you dance, while listening to strains of a romantic ballad. We wish we were able to dance more.


This lounge encompass's the entire area around the stairway of the aft atrium on deck #3. It is what it's name implies, it is a true aquarium. The walls of this entire area, port and starboard, are walls of glass containing 45,000 gallons of water, (I'm pretty sure that's a proper quote), and behind the glass are a colorful array of all kinds of tropical fish. We enjoyed going there before dinner to have a cocktail while viewing the aquarium, and listening to the music of a very accomplished string trio.


Another very attractive bar area located forward of the ship, with a very fine piano player, playing and singing the songs of yesteryear. A good place to have a drink while waiting for show time. The decor and appointments are superb. Unfortunately, the room never had the attendance it deserved


We were somewhat disappointed in the pool area. It was very difficult to get a lounge chair near the two main pools or in the spa area. The pools and the Jacuzzi's were overflowing with people. We usually enjoy the pool area on a cruise and spend a great deal of time there, but this was not the case on the Voyager. The band platform was poorly placed. Canvas on its side blocked the view of a very wide area. There was also a needle sculpture that was misplaced and took up a great deal of the dance area.


The photo shop area was the best laid out photo display area we have seen. It was altogether in one compact area. They set up photo opportunities in really great places and before the photographer took your picture he asked what deck your cabin was located on. When you looked for your photos, you went to the area that was marked with your deck number. It made it much easier to find your pictures.


We went through the entire children's play area. It is astounding what they have done for the kids. Without going into detail, we found it to be the largest and most remarkable array of equipment, games, videos, computers - you name it, they have it. Also included is the entire aft section of the deck which is the setting for an outstanding children's pool with slide. If you have children, we would suggest you consider booking the Voyager - they will be thrilled.


We have very mixed feelings about the Voyager of the Seas. Without a doubt, it is the most beautiful ship we have ever sailed. We like so many things about the ship, but the areas where you would expect the ship to excel, such as dining room food and service, were far below average. We'd like to think this will vastly improve after the crew has jad some more time together. If they do improve in those areas and if the cruise director Ken Rush would see to it that there was a lounge where one could dance to the music of the 40's and 50's, we very well might sail on Voyager once a year. I think there are enough lounges aboard these new ships that the entertainment director could have one lounge cater to those who like to dance to the romantic music of the 40's & 50's.

We encourage everyone that has ever cruised to try the Voyager of the Seas at least once. It is a totally different experience and perhaps a preview of the cruise ships of the future.

Photos courtesy of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.


Tom & Mary Milano are obviously addicted to cruising AND dancing! They would love to hear your experiences and can be reached at tmilano@n-jcenter.com.

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