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Carnival Cruise Lines

Western Caribbean on the Imagination

Shore Excursions

Brief description and prices of Western Caribbean shore excursions offered aboard Carnival Cruise Lines' Imagination. Information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed and is current as of March 1997.


Mayan Ruins of Tulum ($66 per person, 5 hrs, 7:00am) Take a tender boat to Playa Del Carmen, then a 45-minute bus ride to the ruins. Leaves early, returns to Imagination for late lunch. Extra $5 charge by Mexican authorities if you take a video camera to Tulum.

Fiesta Party Boat ($37 per person, 3hrs, 10:30am) Typical booze cruise to Playa Sol beach. Snorkel gear is included, but any beach activities (jet ski, parasail, wave runner) are extra.

Island Adventure Snorkel ($30 per person, 2 hrs, 8am or 2:30pm) Includes snorkel gear and soft drinks. Beautiful reef area. Local beer and tequila slammers available AFTER snorkeling is done.

Sub-Ocean View ($38 per person, 1 hr, 9am or 3:30pm) Flat boat with sunken seats below water level. See sunken plane, coral formations.

Horseback Adventure ($71 per person, 3+hrs, 9am, 10:30am, or 2:30pm) Age minimum 12 yrs, maximum weight 250 lbs. Horseback ride (mostly walking) thru jungle and tropical forest to view Mayan caves, idols, cemetery, underground spring. Free pepsi and beer at the end. (We loved this one and would do it again!)

Certified Scuba ($57 per person, 4 hrs, 8am) Tanks, weights and belts are provided (B.C. and regulator can be rented if needed).

Snorkel Tour ($26 per person, 2 hrs, 10:30am or 3pm) All equipment provided.

Sail, Snorkel & Beach ($40 per person, 3 hrs, 9am or 1:30pm) Catamaran sails to reef for snorkeling, then to beach for free use of kayaks, windsurfers, floats. Unlimited beer and margaritas after snorkeling.

Beginner Scuba ($65 per person, 2 hrs, 8am and 3pm) Designed for non-certified diver. After 45 minutes of instruction, start in waist deep water then to a maximum 25 ft depth. 6:1 ratio students to instructors.


Island Tour ($25 per person, 2 hrs, 7:30am, 11am, 1:15pm) Bus ride to Cayman Turtle Farm, Hell, Black Coral outlet, Two early tours include Tortuga Rum factory.

Sting Ray City ($32 per person, 2 hrs, 7:30am, 10:30am, 12:45pm) A 10-minute bus ride to another dock, then a 25 minute boat ride to a sand bar where you snorkel with sting rays. Water is 2-4' deep depending on tides. Rays are extremely friendly and 100% safe. We've done this one twice! Snorkel gear included. Free ice water and non-alcoholic fruit punch on board.

Sting Ray City Sandbar ($32 per person, 2 hrs, 10:45am or 1pm) Same as above except they have a cash bar on board.

Sting Ray City/Island Tour ($49 per person, 3+hrs, 7:30am or 10am) Same as above but includes a tour of the Turtle Farm and Town of Hell.

Atlantis Submarine ($70 per person, 1-1/2 hrs, 11:40am and 12:40pm) Air-conditioned sub dives to 150 ft. with 2' viewports.

Cayman Highlights ($26 per person, 2 hrs, 8am, 10:15am, 12:30pm) Same as #1 above.

Parrots Landing Snorkel ($19 per person, 3 hrs, 9:30am) Includes snorkel gear.

Reef Teach Snorkel ($30 per person, 2 hrs, 1:30pm) Includes gear.

Grand Cayman Snorkel ($26 per person, 2 hrs, 9am) Includes gear.

Cayman Mermaid Party ($30 per person, 2 hrs, 12:15pm) Booze cruise to a beach and back.

Cayman Beginners Scuba ($55 per person, 2 hrs, 11am or 1pm) Includes gear.

Cayman Certified Scuba ($57 per person, 3 hrs, 12:00) 50' wreck dive.

Cayman Beach Lunch ($25 per person or $34 incl. snorkel) Set your own hours. A day at 7 Mile Beach. Includes free lunch provided by Beach Club Colony Hotel (hot dogs, pot. salad, fruit and one drink). You must rent and bring your own snorkel gear, get a $3 cab to the Hotel and $3 back to the ship. Basically, this is a $25 hot dog. Skip it.

Cayman 7 Mile Beach Break ($12 per person) Same deal as above. Just a fee for the hotel letting you use their beach. You have to get your own cab there and back, etc.

Cayman Glass Bottom Boat ($24 per person, 1 hr, 11:15am) Self explanatory.


Ocho Rios Highlight A ($44 per person, $50 if you need water shoes; 4 hrs, departs continuously from 8-9:15am) Tour Shaw Park Gardens, downtown shopping, and end at Dunns River Falls.

Ocho Rios Highlight B ($44, $50 w/shoes; 4 hours, departs continuously from 8-9:15am) Tour Mitchell plantation, White River Gorge, downtown shopping, then on to the 600' Dunns River Falls.

Ocho Rios Snorkel ($31 per person, 2 hrs, 10:30am) Includes gear. Unlimited rum punch after the snorkeling is done.

Jamaica Farewell Show ($14 per person, 1 hr, 1:30pm) Musical extravaganza with free rum.

Sundancer Yacht Cruise ($44 per person or $50 with water shoes, 2-1/2 hrs, 9:30am or 12:30pm) Shoreline sightseeing cruise, free rum punch. Final stop is Dunns River Falls.

Coyaba River Garden ($31 per person, 3 hrs, 9am) Tropical garden, natural springs and waterfalls, pools filled with koi and turtles. Coyaba Museum included. Then downtown shopping and Dunns River Falls.

River Rafting on Martha Brae ($50 per person, 5 hrs, 8am) 30' bamboo rafts built for two, gentle glide (not a whitewater trip!). Relaxing and very romantic.

Super Yacht San San ($70 per person, 4 hrs, 9am) 95' super yacht. Sail to Dunns River Falls for a climb, anchor at Laughing Waters for snorkel and swim. Champagne and fresh fruit, full open bar. Music. Sort of a high-class booze cruise.

Chukka Cove Horseriding ($76 per person, 3-1/2 hrs, 8am or 11am) Start with English saddles until you get to the beach. Then you ride bareback for an hour! Warning: these horses love to RUN when they get in the water. Recommended for jockeys or experienced riders. Non-alcoholic drinks served.

Sandals Golf ($80 per person, 5 hrs, 8am) Dress code: tailored shorts and collared shirts. Regulation 18-hole, par 71 course. Pro shop and refreshment cart. Tour rate includes greens fees, golf cart and club rental. Extra charge for tees, golf balls and shoes.

One Tank Certified Scuba ($57 per person, 2 hrs, 8am) Certified divers only; credentials will be verified before dive. Includes equipment.

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