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This month's tips come to us from Doris Schrader and Geoff Edwards.

Thanks to both of you!

Hi Sharon, I just wanted to share a couple of tips. The first relates to our airline reservations made for us for our March cruise on the Regal Princess. We received our travel packet about two weeks prior to departure and it contained all airline tickets, tags, etc. However, upon arriving at the airport we learned that, although we had tickets, we had no reserved seating. What this resulted in was our flying stand-by, with my husband seated in the back of the plane, while I was seated in the front. Not a great way to start a vacation. Although we were later reassured that the problem had been corrected and the return flight was not affected, this was not true, and once again, we had problems getting a flight back home. I would advise all cruisers to contact the airlines and verify that they indeed do have reserved seating.

The second tip relates to motion sickness. Years ago, my husband and I sailed our small sloop on Lake Michigan. In addition, we have sailed with others and I was never subject to motion sickness. Needless to say, I spent my first day at sea on our cruise visiting the ship's doctor and recovering. To everyone who hasn't cruised, don't take any chances, take precautions!

I really look forward to your monthly articles. Keep up the good work. - Doris Schrader

And Geoff Edwards, a travel broadcaster from Los Angeles sent us this:

As a "survivor" of the Royal Viking Sun reef collision, and an interviewer of Sagafjiord passengers, three tips:

  1. Always travel with a flashlight!!!!

  2. Hang the clothes you would wear in a lifeboat in a place where you can grab them in the dark.

  3. Never, ever, take the life boat drill lightly.

(EDITOR'S note: These are all great tips. Regarding airline seats, some of the cruise lines do not reserve seats for you. However, full service cruise agents should take care of this and advise you of your seat assignments when they send your documents to you. Don't be afraid to ask your agent for help with anything you don't understand in your documentation!

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