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Rum Punch
Susan in California

This comes to us from Susan in California who writes:

I recently received this inquiry:

On cruises to the Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean, we've enjoyed the flavor (and the effects) of the infamous Rum Punch. I've searched for a recipe that duplicates it here at home but every time I ask for it I get the recipe for 5 gallons rather than smaller amounts (gallon or less) and despite my efforts to shrink the recipe, it never tastes the same. Any one out there who has the magic answer? Thanks!

My response:

**oh boy!**

One of my favorite subjects. Here's a recipe that we've used with much success at my house (brought back from Little Cayman by friends):

  • Equal parts good dark rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and Hawaiian Punch (or Kool-Aid, or any kind of "red-fruit" punch... Crystal Light works well!)
  • Then after the punch is poured, float some Malibu Rum (Coconut rum that comes in a white bottle) on top -- just a bit for flavor. Yum yum --- Wonderful while in Hawaii watching sunsets! ( And, We've had more than one unexpected overnight guest because of this concoction!)

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