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The People Behind
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the Builder, the Design Team, the Officers and the Technical Facilities

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Fincantieri Cantieri Navali Italiani

The Builder of Grand Princess

Grand PrincessGrand Princess was constructed by one of the largest and most advanced shipbuilders in Europe, the Italian Fincantieri Cantieri Navali Italiani. A worldwide leader in shipbuilding with more than 200 years of experience, Fincantieri has built more that 5,000 ships since its inception.

The yard is also building four additional ships for Princess which will debut by the year 2001. Two, Sea Princess (1998) and Ocean Princess (1999), will be sister ships to Sun Princess and Dawn Princess, and two more will be sister ships to Grand Princess (debuting spring and fall of 2001). The line's Sun Princess, Dawn Princess, Regal Princess and Crown Princess were also constructed by Fincantieri. The latter two ships marked the shipyard's re-entry into the modern-day cruise ship building business.

The Merchant Shipbuilding Division of Fincantieri, responsible for the construction of Princess' new ships, operates one of the most advanced automated ship design centers in Europe. The center gives the company's design teams the capability to create technologically-advanced vessels combining the latest in efficiency and design concepts. The yard is also recognized for providing its shipbuilding customers with the highest quality interior finish.

Grand Princess was built at Fincantieri's Monfalcone shipyard, one of six yards in the company's shipbuilding division. Fincantieri, part of the IRI Group, operates two divisions, offering diversification in the merchant and naval shipbuilding, ship repairing and diesel manufacturing industry.

The Design Team

As not only the world's largest cruise ship, but also one of the most complex, Grand Princess is filled with many design innovations that set the ship apart. From the soaring Skywalkers disco to the intimate feel of the dining rooms, Grand Princess' dramatic beauty is the work of a talented team of architects and designers, led by the following:

Giacomo Mortola

The unique design of the world's largest cruise ship is the work of Giacomo Mortola, coordinating architect of Grand Princess. Mortola, one of the leaders in cruise ship architecture, has had a longtime affiliation with Princess, having begun his initial work as a technical advisor with the former Sitmar Cruises in 1974. He has been involved in the design of many Princess ships, including several of the spectacular interior spaces aboard Dawn Princess and Sun Princess. Mortola also contributed to the architectural design of Sky Princess, Crown Princess and Regal Princess and oversaw the refurbishment of many Princess ships, including Island Princess, Pacific Princess, Royal Princess and several former Sitmar vessels. In 1985 Mortola established GEM, an architectural firm specializing in cruise ship design. The Italian-born Mortola is a graduate of the University of Genoa.

Teresa Anderson

Grand Plaza AtriumAs the in-house director of interior design for Princess cruises, Teresa Anderson was responsible for overseeing conceptual and schematic design developments for Grand Princess. She selected or created the many design elements that make up the ship's public areas and passenger accommodations, including color schemes, furniture, fabrics, architectural finishes, carpeting, draperies and wall coverings. Anderson also designed the interiors of Dawn Princess and Sun Princess. Anderson joined Princess in 1994 from the H. Chambers Company, a Baltimore-based design and planning firm, where she headed the 12-member team of professionals responsible for the interior design of the line's Crown Princess and Regal Princess. A native of Peru, Anderson has a long list of outstanding design achievements to her credit, from government buildings in Brunei to the Paradise Grand Hotel in the Bahamas.

The Senior Officers

The senior team of four-stripe officers for Princess Cruises' new Grand Princess -- including the Captain, Chief Engineering Officer, Purser, Staff Captain, Doctor and Cruise Director -- have more than 150 years of combined seagoing experience among them. This team was responsible for bringing the line's newest ship, the 109,000-ton Grand Princess, the world's largest and most expensive cruise ship ever built, into service.

Captain Mike Moulin

The ship's master is Captain Mike Moulin who began his career with P&O in 1960, directly after attending the Thames Nautical Training College, HMS Worcester, with a three-year cadetship. Moulin's first trip to sea was as a fifteen-year-old boy aboard a 1,500-ton coaster. After qualifying as a Master mariner in 1969, Moulin spent his early days on freighters and tankers. He joined his first Princess ship in 1974 when P&O first purchased the company. He has since sailed on the Sea, Island, Pacific, Sky and, most recently, Royal Princess.

Chief Engineering Officer Ian Mark

The Chief Engineer of Grand Princess is Ian Mark, a member of the P&O family since 1968. Born in Wolingham, England, Mark achieved the rank of Chief Engineer in 1985. Since joining Princess Cruises he has served in this position aboard several Princess and P&O ships, including Canberra, Island, Pacific and Sky Princess. Mark joined the shore side team for Grand Princess in January, 1996 to help oversee the ship's construction in Italy.

Purser Cliff Brinkmann

A 27-year veteran with Princess Cruises, Cliff Brinkmann most recently served as Purser aboard Dawn Princess, and takes over in the same capacity aboard Grand Princess. Brinkmann joined Dawn Princess as part of her inaugural team of senior officers in early 1997. Since starting his career at sea as an interpreter aboard passenger ships, Brinkmann has been Purser on four Princess vessels during their inaugural seasons -- Sun, Dawn, Star and Golden Princess -- and also assisted ashore in the construction and delivery for three of them, including Sun, Dawn and Star Princess.

Staff Captain Graham Goodway

The Staff Captain aboard Grand Princess is Graham Goodway, a 24-year veteran of P&O/Princess Cruises. A native of Bath, England, Goodway attended the Nautical College of Warsash in Southampton before beginning his career at sea. Before serving as Staff Captain in 1995 aboard Canberra, Goodway sailed in positions such as First Officer, Navigator and Chief Officer aboard Sea, Sky, Island, Pacific, and the first Sun Princess, as well as P&O's Arcadia and first Oriana. He most recently served aboard Royal Princess.

Doctor Deryk Gowland

Deryk Gowland, a 16-year veteran of P&O/Princess Cruises, is the Doctor aboard Grand Princess. Gowland has been serving in this capacity aboard the line's Sun Princess, a post which he has held since the ship's introduction in 1995. Since 1991, he has also sailed aboard Sky, Star, and Regal Princess and P&O's Canberra.

Cruise Director Keith Cox

Keith Cox joins Grand Princess as Cruise Director, a position he most recently held aboard the Sun Princess. Cox has been with Princess for eleven years, holding the position of Cruise Director for nine of those years. Before beginning his career at sea, Cox was an emcee, a singer and a dancer in musical theatre and variety shows, often traveling with USO tours. When not at sea, Cox resides in Nashville, Tennesse with his wife and daughter. His first Princess ship was the original Sun Princess, followed by appointments aboard Sea, Island, Pacific, Fair, Sky, Crown, Regal and Star Princess.

Relief Captain Giuseppe Romano

Serving as relief Captain for Grand Princess is Giuseppe Romano, who joined Princess in 1976. His first senior appointment was as Staff Captain in 1984 and he was promoted to Captain in 1990. Romano has also held command of the line's Fair, Regal, Star, Crown and original Dawn Princess.

Shipboard Security System

Grand Princess debuts with the most advanced shipboard security system in the cruise industry, providing unparallelled access control, while at the same time making boarding quicker and easier for passengers. The new system, called A-PASS (Automated Personnel Assisted Security Screening), has already been installed on Sun, Dawn, Pacific, Island and Crown Princess, and will be featured aboard all Princess Cruises ships by the end of the year.

"As floating resorts, cruise ships have somewhat unique security concerns, and the A-PASS system was developed to directly address these issues," said Rick James, Princess' senior vice president of sales and corporate relations. "Princess is the first cruise line to feature this system that has been widely praised by the US Coast Guard, US Customs and the US Immigration and Naturalization Service."

Engineered specifically for the cruise industry, the A-PASS system embeds detailed information on a magnetic strip on the passenger cruise ID card. Upon check-in, A-PASS automatically takes the passenger's photo and, from that point on, it becomes possible to verify a guest's identity at any gangway. Ship's officers can also confirm who is on or off the ship at a glance, with all boarding information automatically updated in the system's computer. The system can also help passengers confirm the on-ship status of friends and family. Messages can easily be programmed into A-PASS and automatically delivered to an embarking passenger. Crew members, vendors and officials are also registered in the same fashion, with the system also monitoring crew in-port manning for safety purposes.

In less than two seconds, the A-PASS system is able to scan a passenger's cruise card ID, retrieve his or her registration records, establish the validity of the guest's card and display a color photograph of the individual on a computer monitor located at each gangway. The card also serves as a point-of-sale ID for charging items to the passenger's shipboard account and, on Grand Class(SM) ships, is also their room key. The card is quickly scanned upon entering or departing the ship by having the passenger insert the ID into a small, aesthetically designed pillar.

Ship's officers and shoreside authorities can at any time review all boarding and de-boarding activities and the system will also alert the ship's officers if a passenger or crew member has failed to return to the ship. It can also provide a color printed photograph of that person.

A-PASS was initially tested for six months onboard the Sun Princess and, following a successful trial, was subsequently installed on four more ships. It will be installed on the balance of the Princess fleet by year end and will be included on all new builds.

Breakthrough "Virtual ER" Telemedicine Program

An unprecedented telemedicine program, known as SeaMed, on trial on Grand Princess, will directly link the ship's medical staff with the Emergency Department physicians and specialists at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, to assist in the management of complex and emergency medical situations.

In addition to providing a live two-way video link, this "virtual ER visit" also allows radiographs, ECGs and other physiologic signals to be transmitted to the hospital by satellite. No other cruise line in the world can provide real time audio-visual telemedicine or medical care at this level.

"Princess has long been known for its quality medical care," said Alastair Smith, M.D., Princess' vice president, Fleet Medical Department. "But this system promises to significantly raise the standards for medical care at sea and provide an extra level of comfort to passengers knowing that some of the best medical specialists in the country are available to them, if needed, for an emergency."

This groundbreaking technology is a first, not only for the cruise industry, but also for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. "This new application of telemedicine technology complements our existing telemedicine program," said Spencer Koerner, M.D., senior consultant for Cedars-Sinai Telemedicine and International Health. "It provides the platform for any passenger to be referred by Grand Princess medical staff to one of the leading healthcare providers in the United States from any location around the world."

A custom telemedicine unit was installed on Grand Princess and at Cedars-Sinai's Emergency Department, where emergency medicine physicians are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, with a roster of specialists always on call for consultation. The telemedicine program should be useful for a variety of medical conditions, including cardiac, pulmonary, orthopedic and neurologic emergencies. A Cedars-Sinai specialist will be able to advise or provide consultations to the Grand Princess physicians, thereby providing an extra level of medical expertise in the care of critically ill or injured passengers.

The SeaMed system is a product of ImageView Inc., a visual communications company, which developed it specifically for communications with remote locations including private yachts, commercial shipping and oil platforms. The system incorporates VTEL Corp.'s Digital Visual Communications technology.

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