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Cruise Tips
Bermuda Tips

by Sam & Gretchen Havens

We just returned from a seven-day vacation in Bermuda. Here are a few unsolicited tips:

  1. Purchase a three-day or seven-day transportation pass the minute you arrive. Youíll save a lot on ferry and bus rides.

  2. Take an umbrella. It tends to drizzle there.

  3. We prefer cottage colonies to the big hotels. We stayed at Lantana and loved it. (Although it was a long ride to Hamilton.)

  4. Taxis are expensive! And the speed limit in Bermuda is 20 mph. So . . . that meter turns and turns.

  5. Restaurants are expensive. For great Italian food at reasonable prices try La Trattoria in Hamilton. For fun, try Chancery Wine Bar and Restaurant in a small lane off Front Street. Get a table outside near the frog-chirping fountain.

  6. For shopping, we like Cooperís.

  7. Be sure to catch the Jimmy Keys Show at the Southampton Princess. Two shows a night (except Sunday), at 9:30 and 11:30. Jimmy is extremely funny and musically remarkable. We saw his show three nights out of our seven in Bermuda! Jimmy zips from the Beatles to Ray Charles, from Joe Cocker to Mick Jagger, from Elton John to Willy Nelson. All with wigs, jackets, glasses and perfect voices. This guy is TALENTED!

Enjoy Bermuda. Itís expensive but beautiful.

Sam & Gretchen Havens can be reached at shavens@flash.net for comment. Thanks, Sam & Gretchen!

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