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1999 Cruise Bash

The Bashers RATE the cruise. Listed below are the AVERAGE scores from the individual surveys filled out on the last day of the cruise.

Cruise Line: Celebrity Cruises
Cruise Ship: Mercury
Itinerary: Western Caribbean
Sailing Date: Oct 17-24, 1999

Rating System: 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest score

Public Areas

Size 8.8
Cleanliness 9.6
Condition 9.3
Decor/Ambiance 8.4

Overall Public Areas Rating   



Size 7.8
Decor 8.4
Condition 9.6
Cleanliness 9.7
Storage Space 8.4
Location 8.9

Overall Cabin Rating   



Steward/Housekeeping Service 9.8
Dining Room Service 9.4
Bar Service 9.5
Buffet Service 9.0
Cruise/Hotel Staff 9.3
Room Service 9.1

Overall Service Rating


Food Quality

Dining Room 9.6
Buffets 9.0
Room Service 7.8

Overall Food Quality 






Onboard Activities


Nightly Shows


Shore Excursions


Value for the Price


Appropriateness For Which Groups (In order of their survey ranking):

  1. Ages 35-60
  2. Honeymoons/Anniversaries
  3. Fun/Action Seekers
  4. Families
  5. Singles and Ages 60+ (Tie)
  6. Ages 18-35

Which Two Things Did You LIKE MOST About This Cruise?

[Top 4 Answers]
  1. Service
  2. Food
  3. Bash Group Members
  4. Cleanliness/Ship

Honorable Mention: Carlos & Charleys in Cozumel
(Some ALMOST missed the ship!)

Other answers to above question which we couldn't quite categorize:

"When my wife came to the room drunk" - Big Jim

"Flexibility" - Amy G

"View & Weather" - Leif G

Which Two Things Did You LIKE LEAST About This Cruise?

[Top 4 Answers]
  1. Shore Excursion Problems*
  2. Too Few daytime/nightly & Teen Activities
  3. Everything Closes Too Early
  4. Itinerary

Other answers to above question which we couldn't quite categorize:

"No Wake Up Call" - Tam L.

"Not Enough Tables with Umbrellas" - Elsa R.

"Music/Movie Schedules" - Phat L.

"Cabinmate Snored and Knew It" - Name Withheld to protect the guilty

"The Art Sucks and NO Rum allowed in the cabin (legally)" - Leif G.

"The 2:00 Meeting on Saturday" - Big Jim

*To be fair to Celebrity, the Shore Excursion rating and comments pertain to group excursions pre-ordered through Port Promotions, Inc (not Celebrity) and organized by Bob and Sharon Jackson. The Port Promotions rep (who has been replaced now!) in Grand Cayman messed us up on two excursions, and Bob and Sharon messed up in Calica and Cozumel by waiting too long for late arrivals. Mea culpa!

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