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Seasickness Remedies

These tips come to us from the members of the CompuServe Cruise Forum during a message board discussion of Seasickness Remedies.

#: 1314 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
13-jul-96 10:53:10
Sb: Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: sydney p. collins 103634,1367
To: all

Would love to go on a Cruise but am a poor traveler. Does anyone know of a fool proof remedy for SEASICKNESS?

#: 1371 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
13-jul-96 14:18:28
Sb: #1314-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Judith Nicholls 104674,336
To: sydney p. collins 103634,1367

Hi, Sydney,

Have you been on a cruise? What do you mean by "poor traveler"?

I've always gotten "car sick". I still hate to ride in the back seats of cars, especially soft-sprung ones. But I don't get seasick, exactly. I do get a low-grade headache and I cannot read on a ship without getting dizzy. I don't get sick at my stomach, I eat every meal, and sleep like a baby on board. So maybe you really won't get seasick?

For your first cruise maybe you could try a large (presumably more stable) ship that goes somewhere you really really want to go. Or try a very short cruise first to see how you feel. Or come visit me in Rivers/Barges Section! The rivers are always calm!

On my last cruise, which was on a Windjammer sailing ship, I purchased and wore "seabands" - elastic bands with a button that presumably applies accupressure at a relevant spot on your wrist. I have no idea if it had any effect, but I felt fine (well, almost fine -- if I can't read I'm never FINE fine).

Do others have suggestions for Sydney?

Judy Nicholls
Section Leader, Cruise Forum

#: 1963 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
16-jul-96 15:48:25
Sb: #1371-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Phil Rane 74075,1244
To: Judith Nicholls 104674,336

Judith, the bands do help, but in my experience, only improve, not cure the queaziness. If the manufacturing problems with the Scop patches are solved, they may return in 1997.

The most effective remedy seems to be Bonine (or meclizine). No drowsiness, no interaction with alcohol, or other side effects in most people.

Some have success with ginger and other roots. I'll stick to the above. Of course, if you're on Renaissance in 40 foot seas......

Phil (who just found this forum from travelsig, after 5 cruises in one year!)

#: 1448 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
13-jul-96 19:26:15
Sb: #1314-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Marianne Bruns 75120,3220
To: sydney p. collins 103634,1367

Hi Sydney, I have been on two cruises. The first one I went solo, and the seas were relatively calm, but I went down to Nassau and when we sailed through Cape Hateras area, I got a little sea sick although the ship was not rocky at all. I used Dramamine, which can be bought over the counter. Also I believe now they have a "sea sick" patch for behind the ear, or similar to the smoking patches, so I think if you get something along these lines it will help you.

My second cruise which I went on with friends, the ship rocked like hell and we were down Mexico way, and with all that rocking, I did not get squimmy or sea sick at all. Enjoy your trip.


#: 1450 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
13-jul-96 20:32:25
Sb: #1314-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Michael Blanche 76061,2514
To: sydney p. collins 103634,1367

"Does anyone know of a fool proof remedy for SEASICKNESS?"

Maybe we've been lucky, but we have never even heard of anyone getting seasick on any of the 5 cruises we have taken.

A good one to start with is the American Hawaii cruise, which is in port every day but one, and travels only at night (except one day).

Waldron, AR

#: 1517 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
14-jul-96 00:12:18
Sb: #1450-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Joseph A. Fuoco 71163,1115
To: Michael Blanche 76061,2514

Sea Sickness!!!

On large cruise ships it's probably the least of your worrys. How to find the time to enjoy so many activities is the biggest problem! However, sometimes it can be a little rough. Some people take Dramamine. I've also heard "Bonine" is very good!

For small sail boats, see if you can hold the rudder for awhile. Having some pressure against you helps relive the queeziness (quiez... _however you spell it).

#: 1962 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
16-jul-96 15:40:16
Sb: #1450-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Peter Terry 103464,3127
To: Michael Blanche 76061,2514

I don't know about any "fool proof" method to avoid sea sickness, except get older: I suffered from that awful condition every time I was on a ship but after my 60th birthday, it almost disappeared, so that on one Atlantic Crossing I was literally the only person in the dining rooms during a hurricane. The condition is often psychological: I landed in Normandy on D-Day and, like most others, I was very sick all over the man in front of me, and ever since I still get sick in the English Channel - even on short crossings of about an hour. I'm alright in other sea lanes. I like cruising and have been on quite a few, most recently on the Renaissance VII in the Seychelles, but on the whole I still think that being on a ship is like being in jail, with the chance of being drowned.

As to safety, my advise is not to go on U.S. or British ships, but chose a Line from a country that does not have that ridiculous rule of "Women and Children First."

Peter Terry

#: 1544 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
14-jul-96 12:54:28
Sb: #1314-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Judith Nicholls 104674,336
To: sydney p. collins 103634,1367

I forgot to mention before that I've heard that ginger is a good remedy against seasickness. Has anyone tried this?

Judy Nicholls

#: 1610 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
14-jul-96 18:15:17
Sb: #1544-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Maryann Novajosky 74213,3476
To: Judith Nicholls 104674,336 (X)


I swear by the ginger tablets. Although I don't have a propensity for getting seasick, it doesn't hurt to take the pills as a preventative. I've also recommended it to others and it has worked for them as well.


#: 1960 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
16-jul-96 14:46:15
Sb: #1314-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Hannah Drum-Paquette 104723,66
To: sydney p. collins 103634,1367

I, too, have a problem with motion sickness.

I went on my first cruise in May armed with "Bonine" (OTC), which I began taking the day before the cruise, and continued taking every 24 hours.

At some points around the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico), the seas were VERY rough. And our ship was relatively old and without stabilizers. While the actual motion bothered me a bit, I never became sick.

I assume the Bonine worked, but I felt a little drained, especially when we were drinking alcohol.

P.S. My doctor says NOT to take dramamine-type medicines. And the patch has been taken off the market due to some undesirable side effects.

#: 2210 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
17-jul-96 23:50:28
Sb: #1314-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Kris A. Miner 102502,2543
To: sydney p. collins 103634,1367

Hi Sydney,

I'm prone to motion sickness, and Dramamine works well for me, but makes me very (VERY!!!) sleepy. I've also heard ginger works, and may not make you drowsy. Finally, those wrist bands with the pressure points also have worked for me - although it may have been because I hoping/expecting for them to work (sort of a placebo effect) I've also heard that it's best to be in the center of the boat - less up and down than if your room is very close to either the bow or stern, or either of the sides. Good luck - my last tip is if you are feeling sick, stay on deck and look at the horizon - helps your mind "figure out what all the motion is about" whereas if you're below deck your brain will get no visual clues as to why you're moving to and fro.

happy sails!

#: 2586 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
20-jul-96 23:42:13
Sb: #2210-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Vaso Bovan 74730,1417
To: Kris A. Miner 102502,2543

"Finally, those wrist bands with the pressure points also have worked for me - although it may have been because I hoping/expecting for them to work (sort of a placebo effect)"

It is indeed the placebo effect. These wristbands are fraudulent, and the manufacturers should be prosecuted for false advertising.

#: 2604 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
21-jul-96 00:47:04
Sb: #2586-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Sharon Jackson 71131,1501
To: Vaso Bovan 74730,1417

Hi Vaso,

Welcome to the Cruise Forum!

I bet you don't believe in the Easter Bunny either, right? (grin)

Sharon Jackson
Cruise Forum Administrator

#: 2609 S1/General Cruise Q's [CRUISE]
21-jul-96 01:57:11
Sb: #1314-Seasick Remedy (if any)
Fm: Guy E. Walters 72712,2036
To: sydney p. collins 103634,1367

Dear Sydney;

I have a mental problem concerning seasickness that began in 1950 courtesy the U.S. Navy. I was sick 17 days straight between San Diego Ca. and Tokyo Japan while working 8 hours a day as well as standing 4 on, 8 off, watches. It made quite an impression on me. I love the sea and have worked offshore in the Santa Barbara channel traveling to and from work daily in a 40 foot aluminium passenger craft. In short, I had many bad times when I would forget to take Dramamine in time. When I discovered Bonine my world became beautiful! I love storms and the seas that go with them and I will testify as to the effectiveness of Bonine and the lack of side effects or rotten taste, such as when I would franticly consume dramimine with no water, and nearly always too late, at that! I sincerely hope it works as well for you, Sydney, because the ocean is too beautiful to pollute the way I used to.

Guy E. Walters

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